K & K Company News

February 1, 2019 – 

K & K Systems Corporation launched a brand new website in 2019.    The new website consists of the different services K & K Systems offers such as Medical Software Services, Medical Billing Services and Consulting Services for your practice.   New sections of the website now include an “About us” page which gives a general background of the Owners, Management and staff at K & K Systems Corporation. Other new sections of the website also include a testimonial page, connections page and FAQ page for all your billing and software service needs. Visit the website to sign up for our newsletter for up-to-date information regarding the company and industry news.    Latest software updates will be released via the newsletter.    

January 15, 2019 – 

K & K systems has updated and rebranded their social media Facebook page. The companies Facebook page is now providing and sharing monthly updates which have taken place within the healthcare industry. K & K Systems will also be sharing their company news via the Facebook page which can also be found on the website.    Please shoot over to the Facebook page and give us a like!

January 2, 2019 – 

K & K Systems Corporation has experienced tremendous growth in the years 2017-2018.   The company has taken over and commenced billing services for multiple new practices within the past year alone.   With the addition of these new practices, K & K Systems has hired multiple new billers and collectors to manage, oversee, bill and collect for these accounts. Staff has surpassed 20 employees at this current time. Revenue from 2017 to 2018 has nearly jumped 50% in growth. Many of these practices have signed with K & K Systems by referral whether it be another provider whom already uses the services or law firms who are affiliated with the company.   

December 3, 2018 – 

K & K Systems Corporation is actively seeking several different EMR/EHR companies to link with.   Currently the "Practice made Perfect" Software is compatible with WritePad by Addision Health Systems.   "Practice made Perfect" software is capable of exporting the patient data directly to WritePad to cut down on your employees time to have to manually add this information into their system. More information regarding the WritePad EHR can be found here - https://www.writepad.com/.   Discussions are currently ongoing with 2 other EHR companies in which K & K hopes to link with in the upcoming year 2019. Please contact our office for more information in linking with the EHR company of your choice.  

October 29, 2018 – 

K & K Systems Corporation attends the 2018 Annual Medical Billing Conference in Las Vegas, NV.   Management and staff at K & K Systems Corporation hold medical billing and reimbursement certifications through various schools and associations throughout the country.    In order to keep some of these certifications active, management each year attends the National Medical Billing Conference which is hosted by the American Medical Billing Association (AMBA).   The conference consists of two full days of seminars and classes to keep our management and staff up-to-date in the healthcare industry.   Seminars and classes are given by a wide variety of lawyers, doctors, billing and healthcare management organizations.    The information provided at this annual conference is brought back and taught to the staff at K & K systems to make sure everyone is up to the industry standard.    The spreading of knowledge is key within the company and is one of the main reasons K & K Systems is so successful today.  

October 1, 2018-

K & K Systems Corporation launches new billing software Version 16 of "Practice made Perfect".   This latest software version includes the addition of the new NYS Workers Compensation C4.3, MG2 and C4 Auth forms all which went into effect in 2018.   Other new changes which took place are changes to the 30-60-90 aging report, statistics for your referrals, more information was added to the day sheet screen for authorization numbers and dates of accident and a new option to export your patient data to your EHR company.   These are only a few of the changes that took place in the latest version 16 of the "Practice made Perfect" Software.    For more information, please contact us.