Frequently asked questions

1. What makes K & K so successful in billing and collections and how do you differ from other billing companies?

K & K systems employs experts within the medical billing field and has a proven track record of increasing client receivables. Our staff has extensive training in all specialties and is always striving to stay current within the medical field. Our company specializes in Workers Compensation and No Fault billing. In addition to Workers Compensation and No Fault billing, we are also well versed in major medical and Medicare billing and collections. We bill to insurance carriers on a daily and/or weekly basis depending on the client’s needs. Claims are submitted electronically and on paper for Workers Compensation/No Fault if medical records are required to be submitted with the claims. Follow up is done on a weekly/monthly basis on all aged receivables. Our findings are reported back to the providers and recommendations a given on how to proceed on each case if needed. Remember when dealing with Workers Compensation and No Fault, each case could be handled differently depending on various situations. We also have professional reimbursement specialists on staff to handle your needs.

2. How do you handle collections? Does your office send statements to patients if there is a patient responsibility?

Statistics in the medical industry show that between 25-30% of claims are rejected and upwards of 75% of those claims go unprocessed which equates to a loss in revenue to the practice. Billing software, clearinghouses, medical billers and collectors are the lifeline to your practice. K & K Systems billing software is one of the most powerful programs in the industry today. Our system is capable of generating 30-60-90-120 day aging reports which breakdown the services outstanding specifically by provider, date of service, line item, billed date and amount outstanding. Our billers and collectors run these reports on a weekly/monthly basis to follow up on your aged receivables. All of our findings are charted and reviewed with the providers or practice administrators to develop a game plan on how to proceed on collecting and moving forward. We will give our recommendations on what we believe is the best and most beneficial way of obtaining payment from the insurance carriers. As for patient statements, as the explanation of benefits are issued by the insurance carriers and our billers are posting insurance payments, any patient responsibility will applied to the patients account and our system will generate patient statements on a monthly cycle. These patient statements will be given to the provider or practice administrator to review. These statements can either be sent directly to the patient from our office or from the providers office or given to the patients at their next appointment. K & K Systems believes collections on accounts receivables is one of the most important parts of medical billing. A majority of the time, most practices billers and collectors do not have the time to follow up on aged receivables, therefore effecting your bottom-line.

3. How much do you charge? Is there any start up fees? How long is the contract?

Our goal is to keep cost down for our clients. Generally outsourcing your billing needs could be substantially less then hiring help in house, not to mention much more productive and accurate. Our prices and fees vary depending on practice, specialty and volume. Our contracts are generally a term for 1 year then renew thereafter. What makes us different than most companies is that the client can terminate services at any time with a 30 day written notice. Most other billing companies lock you in for a long term contract with no option of termination.

4. Does your company handle old collections and accounts receivables?

When switching to our services, one of our first questions to you would be, what is your current A/R? If you do not know the answer to this question, things could be much worse then you think! When we first start consulting with your practice, we will ask you to obtain a current accounts receivables report either from your inhouse billers or outsourced billing company. We can review this report in depth and make recommendations on how to proceed. Our billers and collectors has been able to successfully recover between $500,000-$1,000,000 of bad debt from prior billing companies and billers whom left their doctors high and dry. Rest assured that our inhouse collectors work your A/R reports to the fullest.

5. What are some of the reasons practices and providers outsource their billing to a third party?

We believe good medical billing is worth its weight in gold when it comes to growing your practice. Without a consistent stream of revenue, your practice will either fail or never obtain the growth you are looking for. The issues with most providers practices today falls on staff in which they have in place. Without good help or employing improperly trained employees could be disastrous to your practice. Some of the main issues involve improper coding, outdated coding and fee scheduling, improper modifiers, failing to submit claims on time electronically or with proof of mailing, lack of follow up on aged receivables and improper payment posting.

6. Does your company outsource to other third parties or overseas?

We have learned over the years that minimizing expenses in any area of employment is a key to being successful. However minimizing expenses should not be by any means possible. It has been documented that many third party billing companies within the United States today outsource their billing and collections overseas to cut costs to both their company and also the provider. K & K Systems strongly advises against this nor participates in this source of practice. Outsourcing overseas can be extremely problematic to the provider due to HIPAA/HITECH compliance, transparency, costumer service and performance. Remember you get what you pay for. K & K Systems is linked and affiliated with other third parties which are listed on our connections page. These third parties mostly assist in the processing of electronic billing, electronic medical records, no fault and workers compensation arbitration and patient collections. All third parties affiliated with K & K Systems are located within the continental United States.

7. Does your software provide EMR/EHR?

Our billing software "Practice made Perfect" is linked with EHR Writepad by Addison Health Systems which has been a national leader in the health care industry since 1985. For more information please visit our connections page or visit their website at [].

8. How many billers/coders do you have on staff? Will I be assigned a specific biller/collector?

K & K Systems currently has over 20 employees on staff consisting of administrative staff, billers, coders, collectors. Your practice will be assigned a specific project manager, biller and collector from our office. Many practices and providers complaints with third party billing companies is the lack of communication between offices. Rest assured that unlike most other billing companies, you will have a designated employee within our office in which you can be in constant contact with. It’s almost as if your employee is sitting right within our office, however the difference is our employees are experts at what they do. Additionally due to growth, our company is consistently interviewing and accepting applicants with the utmost talent.

9. What are your hours of operation? Where are you located? How many years have you been in business?

K & K Systems Hours of operation is Monday-Friday, 9-5pm. Billers, Collectors and Supervisors at most times will be on location prior to 9am and after 5pm, however the easiest way to contact a representative would be within the hours of 9-5pm. Our office is located at 740 Veterans Memorial Highway, Suite 200, Hauppauge, NY 11788. Our Company has successfully been in business since 1983 selling medical billing software and providing medical billing and consulting services nationwide.

10. Ok, you answered all my questions, how do we get started?

First and foremost, give us a call (631-543-8200). Ask to speak with a partner or owner of the company. We will set up a day and time to come meet with you, your practice administrators and staff. We feel an initial face to face meeting between our company and the providers office always sets the stage. We will consult with you and your staff on how the transition will take place, whether it be switching from inhouse to outsourcing your billing needs, or completely transitioning from another third party billing company. Next we will review your old accounts receivables and determine what would be the best method to collect on aged claims. We will also customize encounter forms for your staff to provide to our office. We will train your staff on exactly what is needed from your office and review in depth on how to provide us with this documentation. Additionally our office hosts a file transfer protocol site which all billing documents can be sent to us and downloaded securely and electronically. Remember communication is the number one key to being successful. Our office will be in daily contact with you and your staff!