“PmP” Software Features

Thousands of doctors nationwide have used "Practice made Perfect" for over 36 years. The software is geared towards patient, insurance, auto and work related accident billing, scheduling, daily notes, certified HIPPA compliant electronic billing, certified NYS Worker’s Comp. electronic billing, mail merge, customized reports, narrative report generator, links with EMR and much more…We have over 3 decades of working with our clients, tailoring our software to meet their needs.

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Patient Information

Numerous reports are available using data filters. For example, you can create reports, letters, postcards, and mailing labels for a specific doctor, by class codes, by insurance type, for a specific date range, and much more!

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Multiple patient cases can be maintained concurrently under the patient’s account number. You can have up to 9,999 concurrent cases, without duplication of patient information.

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Day Sheet Processing

Our EXCLUSIVE Patient Transaction Profiling System feature gives you the ability to memorize specific CPT codes, insurance percentages, and patient co-payments for EACH service that is charged to the patient.

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"Practice made Perfect" is one of the most versatile billing programs on the market today. The billing options, filters, and subsequent reports far exceed that of our competitors. Detailed reports can be generated in seconds.

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Our free-form appointment scheduler gives you the flexibility to schedule appointments at any increments of time, for any doctor. Past and future appointments can be viewed, along with their status (missed, rescheduled). The appointment scheduler even identifies patients that may require a subsequent visit.

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A Narrative Report Generator

This feature enables you to create narrative reports for insurance companies and attorneys. It extracts patient and insurance information as well as ICD 10/CPT code information from the system which you can custom tailor and generate into comprehensive narrative reports. Some of the features include patient history, treatment, disability, ortho/neuro exams, x-rays, prognosis, recommendations and much more….    

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Patient and Office Notes

Daily notes can be tracked for each patient, and printed. The Office Notes screen enables your staff to leave messages for one another (i.e.: need to order supplies, verify insurance coverage for a patient, etc.).

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Practice Management Reports

Numerous statistical and analytical reports are available. Generate them for your overall practice, for individual doctors, financial class and for any date range. Weekly, monthly and yearly comparisons are important in analyzing the growth of your practice.